Tuesday 19th April 2011

- Barbados. 11 Apr 2011. A recent release issued by the Ministry of Health has revealed that over the 1st 9 weeks of this year [2011], 135 cases of dengue fever were confirmed by laboratory testing, and one death was recorded. The ministry also revealed that 570 cases of dengue fever and 4 deaths were recorded in 2010. This compares with 2008 when, during the 1st 9 weeks of the year, 2 deaths were verified, and 212 cases were documented, following an epidemic in 2007 <http://www.caribbean360.com/index.php/news/barbados_news/332027.html#axzz1JKYIjYC3>.

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Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 01:59:51 +0200 (METDST)

PORT OF SPAIN, April 18, 2011 (AFP) - Barbados-based airline REDjet, which calls itself the Caribbean's first low-cost carrier, will begin operations May 8 with flights from as low as US$9.99 between Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and possibly Trinidad and Tobago.    REDjet was founded by Irish businessman Robbie Burns, who is a former Digicel employee. Digicel, a mobile provider with over 10 million subscribers in the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific, was founded by another Irishman, Denis O'Brien, in 2001 and is based in Jamaica.

REDjet's tilt at the regional market was met with apprehension by Jack Warner, Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Works and Transport and FIFA vice-president, who claimed that the airline did not have permission to operate in local airspace.   "I am not against competition but I don't think that competition should be based on a degree of lawlessness," said Warner. "To get in this country, you have to get consent from Civil Aviation and they did not get it. REDJet is aware that they haven't got permission, and I am saying to you when they apply properly and if they get permission we shall see."
Date: Sat 11 Sep 2010
Source: Prensa Latina [in Spanish, trans. & summ. ProMed Corr.SB, edited]

The Barbados Ministry of Health confirmed that dengue fever has reached epidemic proportions in the country, with 147 cases of the classical [dengue fever] and 2 deaths from DHF this year [2010].

According to the official sector representative, Joy St. John, the island experienced an alarming increase in people, especially children, who have attended [medical] consultations, emergency rooms, or are hospitalized, suffering from the disease in the past 3 weeks, when there have been heavy rains.

The high temperatures and frequent rains registered in the region since June [2010] have also favoured the reproduction of the _Aedes aegypti_ mosquito in the Caribbean islands of Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and St Martin.
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Barbados Date: Thu 18 Oct 2007 Source: Nation News.com [edited] There were 255 cases of dengue fever recorded in Barbados up to the end of September [2007] but no related deaths, says Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joy St. John. And she is urging continued vigilance, as there are 592 suspected cases of the viral illness. However, she also said there were no reported cases of the potentially deadly dengue haemorrhagic fever. Speaking to the media yesterday morning [17 Oct 2007] after the official opening ceremony of the National Blood Bank at Jemmotts Lane, St. Michael, St. John urged householders and businesses to ensure their surroundings were free from "mosquito breeding sources." The health professional explained that the Ministry of Health and private sector partners were doing their utmost to decrease the mosquito population. St. John said the updates on clinical management had been circulated to doctors and the medics were cooperating with the Ministry of Health by following the guidelines and informing of suspected cases. She also said that while people did not like the fogging, it was "very effective" in stopping "the transmission of the dengue virus from an infected person to someone who does not have it." [Byline: Donna Sealy] ----------------------------------- [Fogging provides short-term reduction of transmission by killing adult mosquitoes. Long-term vector reduction requires elimination of larval breeding sites, so that new adult mosquitoes are not produced. A zoomable health map showing the location of Barbados can be accessed at: . - ProMed Mod.TY]
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 19:36:22 +0100 (MET) MIAMI, Jan 24 (AFP) - A French tourist was declared missing and presumed dead 10 days after he disappeared while windsurfing in Barbados, the island's Coast Guard said Monday. "He was officially declared missing," Sub-Lieutenant Sernella Cordle said over the telephone. She said Jean-Marie Leglas, 62, was last seen windsurfing off the Silver Sands beach in southern Barbados. She said the search for the missing tourist had been suspended several days ago. "All we can do now is wait for the body to wash ashore," she said.
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