Date: 8 Nov 2009
Source: "" [in Russian, trans. ProMed corresp.ATS, edited]
The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Moldova reported that the number of influenza [pandemic] A (H1N1) [2009] cases has increased from 174 to 268 in 24 hours. All the cases received appropriate treatment and their contacts are under observation, the Ministry said.

The autumn school vacation has been prolonged for a week from 8 Nov to 15 Nov 2009. The ministry also recommended against sending children to kindergartens and to avoiding travel to high risk countries. There have been 3 fatal influenza cases in the country. The 1st fatality occurred on 24 Oct 2009 when a 50-year-old man died after returning from Poland. The 2nd case was a 35-year-old man who had traveled to Moscow. The 3rd was a 46-year-old man who died in an intensive care unit on 7 Nov 2009 after returning from Moscow. The physicians say that he applied for medical care too late.

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Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 08:26:24 +0200 (METDST)

CHISINAU, Oct 15, 2009 (AFP) - Forty people were wounded in a grenade explosion in the heart of the Moldovan capital Chisinau where thousands had massed for an outdoor concert, officials said on Thursday.   Moldovan Interior Minister Viktor Katan said the initial investigation had showed the blast was caused by a grenade of the kind used by the military but said it could be a "terrorist act."

The explosion took place late Wednesday evening as Chisinau's central square was filled with mainly youths attending a concert to mark city day that included acts from Moldova, Romania and Russia. Of the 40 wounded, 37 were hospitalized with wounds to the leg as well as the stomach and face. There were no reports of fatalities.   "It remains to be seen whether this was caused by hooligans, negligence or other causes. We are not ruling out the idea of a terrorist act," said Katan.   "Police have worked all night, have spoken to the wounded and eyewitnesses. We need to analyse everything and make conclusions," he said.

Moldova, Europe's poorest country, was rocked by riots in April after disputed legislative elections provoked riots in the capital that the then Communist authorities blamed on neighbouring Romania.   The Communists lost a re-run of the elections in July and a liberal pro-EU government has now taken office although there remains stalemate over the identity of its next president.
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 00:26:16 +0200 (METDST)

MOSCOW, Oct 15, 2009 (AFP) - An explosion of unknown origin injured 15 people in the Moldovan capital Chisinau on Wednesday, Ria-Novosti news agency reported quoting a spokeswoman for the Moldovan interior ministry.   The blast rocked the city around 1900 GMT during a local festival.   "Fifteen people were injured, no one died," she said.
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 14:04:00 +0200 (METDST)

CHISINAU, April 3, 2009 (AFP) - A Moldovan pipeline damaged by a huge blast that sharply cut natural gas deliveries to the Balkans earlier this week will be fixed by Monday, the company that oversees the pipeline told AFP on Friday.    "We expect to finish replacing of the damaged section of the gas pipeline by Monday," said Igor Nemchin, deputy director of Tiraspoltransgaz, a gas transit firm in Moldova's breakaway region of Transdniestr, where the blast took place.

Wednesday's explosion cut the flow of Russian natural gas to the Balkans by around 40 percent, according to Russian state-run energy giant Gazprom, though more gas was pumped through two parallel pipelines to make up the shortfall.    The blast near the village of Kitskanu caused a huge fire that could be seen several kilometres (miles) away and blackened and burned all trees and vegetation within a radius of around 500 metres (yards).
Date: Fri 12 Oct 2007 Source: Moldova Azi [in Moldovan (Romanian), trans. by submitter, edited] The epidemiological situation in the village of Tomai, Ceadir-Lunga district is now stabilized after the dysentery outbreak. Fewer cases have been registered within the last few days. So far, 27 of the hospitalized patients have had the dysentery diagnosis confirmed. Oleg Benes, head of the Centre of Epidemiology for Particularly Dangerous Diseases and Bioterrorism, announced that all patients with gastrointestinal problems are held under medical observation, even when the dysentery diagnosis was not confirmed in their case, since there is a danger of the epidemic reemerging among those who had contact with dysentery patients. The precise origin of the outbreak is being sought by the investigation that has been started. Epidemiologists suppose the patients were infected through drinking water contamination with sewage. Water sources in the village have been decontaminated and checked for leaks. Another dysentery outbreak was reported at the Cahul boarding school [the submitter indicates that this is an orphanage - ProMed Mod.LL], where 33 patients contacted a mild form of the disease. Physicians warned the inhabitants of the area about respecting basic food safety norms, washing fruits and vegetables and drinking boiled water only. ---------------------- [ProMED-mail thanks Solverlad Freey for this report. The etiology of the outbreaks may not be the same. Shigellosis is suspected in the Tomai cluster. The total number of people affected is not mentioned. A map of Moldova showing the mentioned areas in the southern part of the country can be found at . - ProMed Mod.LL]
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