30 March 2001 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - The president of the tiny Pacific nation of Nauru was ousted Friday in a parliamentary vote of no confidence, the Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported. President Bernard Dowiyogo was hospitalized in Australia and could not get back to Nauru for the vote in the country's 18-member parliament. His ouster reportedly was linked to Nauru's failure to comply with a Russian request for information about specific bank accounts in Nauru - a major center of offshore banking and has been accused by international authorities of harboring money laundering operations. Nauru, a speck in the Pacific with an area of just eight miles is the smallest republic in the world and has a population of just 12,000. The island is about 1,550 miles east of Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea. Full article at: http://www.infobeat.com/fullArticle?article=406563845
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 11:38:47 +1100 From: Tom Kiedrzynski Source: Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network [This is a fax we received yesterday from Dr Godfrey Waidubu, the Director of Medical Services in Nauru. Many thanks to him for sharing this information - ProMed TK] This is to update you on [the typhoid outbreak]. There is a total of 45 cases, mostly young adults and some children 6-12 years. _Salmonella typhi_ was isolated from stools, H and O antigen in blood. There is no resistance to standard drugs. A Typhoid Committee has been formed. Three carriers have been detected. All three are expatriates involved in food handling (hotel and restaurant). I would be grateful for any educational material on typhoid for the public. -- Dr Godfrey Waidubu Director of Medical Services FAX (674) 444 3881 / (674) 444 3106
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 09:49:41 +1100 From: Tom Kiedrzynski [Would it be possible to get a confirmation of what is mentioned in this PACNEWS excerpt, and share more information about this outbreak and the control activities undertaken? Typhoid is a health problem present in the region, and what is happening in Nauru could be of interest for other Pacific Islands countries and territories Thanks a lot! -- ProMed TK] EXCERPT FROM PACNEWS STARTS ------------------------------------------------------- NAURU - HEALTH: PACNEWS PACNEWS 2: Tue Mar 30 1999 12:20 YAREN (Pacnews) - The discovery of typhoid cases in Nauru is worrying health authorities in the country. Nauru's Director of Health Services Doctor Godfrey Waidubu said the disease, although not confirmed, may have been introduced from food products imported from either Fiji or Kiribati. He said health inspectors on the island had been instructed to confiscate and destroy all imported foodstuff suspected of being contaminated with the disease. Export products will also be scrutinised. The products under examination include cooked food. The Health Department has also advised the national flag carrier Air Nauru not to uplift food products from Nadi Airport in Fiji or the Kiribati capital Tarawa, unless they have been officially certified for export by local health authorities. Doctor Waidubu said the department was concerned about the further spread of typhoid fever to Nauru and other parts of the Pacific region. He said the department had begun an intensive campaign to eradicate the disease. "This includes testing of domestic fresh water tanks, underground water supplies, and areas on the foreshore in the vicinity of sewerage outlets. Restaurants and hotels are being surveyed to ensure compliance with health regulations," Doctor Waidubu said. -- SPC Community Health Programme Focal Point Pacific Public Health Surveillance Coordinating Body
The disease prevalence is estimated at greater than 10%.
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